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Why AWS?

There is a new reality in the restaurant industry that is spurring an unprecedented transformational change. Elevated expectations for cleanliness, health, and safety are accelerating the adoption of touchless technologies. The need to attract and retain the best talent while maintaining compliance with safety requirements has become a business imperative. Inspiring guest loyalty is more elusive than ever as operators seek ways to recreate the brand experience outside the restaurant setting. Restaurants must also prepare to meet the operational requirements of the new normal and drive more efficiency in their supply chain. It’s a tall order for even the most agile operators and calls for practical innovation.

The need to enhance guest and employee experiences, streamline operations, and drive supply chain efficiency in this environment has reshaped what it means to be a restaurant. Drawing upon decades of domain expertise and customer innovation, Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps the restaurant, catering, and food services segments operate more efficiently and deliver better guest experiences at lower cost. Born from retail, AWS cloud platforms and services are meant for restaurant operations.

Today’s guests see every channel they connect with, every recommendation they share, every restaurant they visit, and every delivery option they consider as a choice. It’s no longer a dining decision; it’s an experience decision. And “guest experience” is more than a marketing term, it’s the series of constant and fluid moments – before, during, and after a visit – on which restaurants build relationships and loyalty.

Restaurants to the cloud

It is crucial to have contactless solutions that foster better relationships and enhance the dining experience. In this new reality, building lasting relationships is essential for success. But how?

AWS cloud services can help solve that problem. Modern cloud technologies help create human connections, building contactless and smart operations that meet both guest and employee expectations. With AWS, instead of relying on aging and expensive legacy systems, you can easily pivot to connected, agile, serverless microservices. Your guests can connect their experiences across channels, while you glean priceless insights from available and manageable data.

Shift your technology investment to reap the benefits of cost reduction and efficiency with AWS tools that include Amazon Personalize, Amazon Forecast, and Amazon Connect.

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    Easily pivot to connected, agile, serverless microservices

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    Priceless insights from available and manageable data

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    Cost reduction and improved efficiency


Capture actionable insights

Restaurant operators relying on outdated technology struggle to achieve a single view of their guests, let alone a complete view of their guest experience. Data fragmentation across an array of systems and the inability to glean strategic insights can hinder restaurant operators trying to compete in an increasingly tech-dependent industry. Most importantly, capturing actionable insights is foundational to building a new level of emotional loyalty. The potential is huge when you consider that repeat restaurant customers account for at least one-third of revenue.1

AWS helps you complete your view of the guest experience with real-time, scalable, loyalty-based data. Leverage the power of the 10,000 data lakes already built on our cloud platforms and move from customer data in more than 16 systems to real-time insights derived from unified data. This includes actionable IoT data (footfall, location, engagement) for richer, more complete views of the guest experience.

Focus on digital-first guest engagement

Restaurant executives recognize that artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) capabilities can transform operations, forecasts, and recommendations. They rank AI/ML as the number-one game changer. But it’s only eighth highest among spending priorities. To balance this disparity, it’s critical to know how to prioritize technology scenarios.

AWS is built on 20 years of AI/ML experience from – shared knowledge that transforms engagement. Use AI/ML to obtain higher-quality, more accurate, customer-aware data, which results in benefits such as better recommendations, 50% more accurate forecasting, and enhanced computer vision for merchandise and labor optimization and checkout.


Introducing the experience of the future for a global restaurant chain

A global restaurant chain was challenged to provide guests with a safe, convenient, and contactless experience that would provide an improved and intimate guest experience during and after the pandemic. Using a custom-built application integrated with AWS cloud technology, Capgemini helped the restaurant provide guests with a convenient and customized end-to-end experience for ordering ahead. Customers benefit from contactless payment, the scheduling of convenient pickup times, and advanced delivery models including curbside pickup and multiple delivery partner options. An alert notifies the restaurant kitchen of the order pickup time to ensure the food is prepared and ready to align with the scheduled pickup time.

Capgemini Restaurants Solutions Powered by AWS

As a global leader in consulting and digital services, Capgemini serves some of the largest restaurant brands in the world. We help restaurant brands re-envision their businesses with innovative, digitally driven solutions aligned to the fast-changing needs of today’s hyperconnected guests. With extensive industry experience, Capgemini’s global team helps restaurants run more efficiently and effectively and empower managers and staff to delight guests and inspire loyalty.


Trusted Logistics

Restaurant chains ship food products around the world, and adulteration and spoilage pose major challenges. Traceability is also a concern because restaurant owners and customers alike want to be assured of the origin of their food. Organizations need to efficiently manage recalls when they occur and proactively address other issues in the supply chain. With Capgemini’s Trusted Logistics, organizations gain real-time visibility across the supply chain – from vehicle and driver locations to the location and temperature of each product during transport.

Key features
Trusted Logistics is a cloud-based tracking and monitoring application that leverages IoT to provide visibility into the progress of food product shipments and uses alerts to minimize losses. It also leverages blockchain to ensure traceability.
  • icon-arrow Modular architecture. A modular structure makes this solution easy to adopt and integrate.
  • icon-arrow Cloud-based tracking. Track shipments within a robust IoT infrastructure that decreases process inefficiencies.
  • icon-arrow Unified dashboard. Operations managers gain oversight to monitor container health parameters including temperature, humidity, and location.
  • icon-arrow Real-time alerts. Notifications provide critical information that drives proactive responses to any deviations from the norm.
  • icon-arrow Blockchain incorporation. Blockchain technology enables traceability and proof of authenticity.
Securing your supply chain with real-time monitoring can result in increased revenue, less spoilage, simplified reporting, and efficiency enhancements across your organization.
  • icon-arrow Boost earnings. Minimize losses by proactively addressing issues.
  • icon-arrow Ensure traceability. Blockchain ensures traceability for organizations and consumers, ensuring the authenticity of products, providing consumer visibility into origins, and supporting the recall process.
  • icon-arrow Avoid damage and spoilage of goods. Real-time monitoring of container parameters protects shipments across the cool chain.
  • icon-arrow Improve operational efficiency. Cloud-enabled communication results in better collaboration and faster incident response times.

Customer references

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    A leading fleet management company in North America implemented Trusted Logistics, increasing its visibility into the supply chain, which helped in recovering $25 million worth of goods and tracking 414 stolen trucks. It also helped reduce roadside assistance call time by 15 minutes thanks to real-time location tracking.


Digital Cloud Platform for Restaurants

Building a digitized guest experience may easier than you think. Capgemini’s Digital Cloud Platform for Restaurants empowers operators to develop custom cloud-native applications quickly using prebuilt industry blueprints as well as services and software components. It is a high-velocity software engine that leverages AWS capabilities to help restaurants innovate rapidly and compete in the digital age.

Key features
Capgemini helps quick-service restaurants (QSR) develop scalable custom solutions for ordering, menu data management, security, delivery, special offers, and more.
  • arrow Library of software components. Access a collection of proven, customizable tools such as Online Ordering and Kitchen Management.
  • arrow Ready-to-use services and components. Open APIs and a streamlined user interface make these tools easy to find and implement.
  • arrow Business interconnectivity. The solution provides connectivity between existing systems and new digital business capabilities.
  • arrow Prebuilt APIs for demand-side platforms (DSPs). Seamlessly integrate services including UberEats, GrubHub, DoorDash, Deliveroo, and more.
  • arrow Point-of-sale connectors. The solution connects to your point-of-sale (POS) and mobile device management (MDM) platforms.
Businesses develop custom solutions faster with Capgemini on AWS, resulting in larger returns, more revenue streams, customer loyalty, and future-proofed business models.
  • arrow Accelerate app development. Building cloud-native apps on top of prebuilt domain services cuts time to market by 30-50%.
  • arrow Create new revenue streams. Grow digital business by leveraging prebuilt experience APIs and other accelerators.
  • arrow Prepare for breakthrough technologies. Build now to adopt new tech fast – including AI/ML, voice interfaces, and chatbots.
  • arrow Drive sales with compelling experiences. Develop immersive, highly personalized interactions for customers, employees, and suppliers.
  • arrow Streamline operations. Digitizing infrastructure automates processes, improves communication and oversight, and simplifies business.

Customer references

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    Capgemini implemented a custom-built application integrated with AWS cloud technology to help a global restaurant chain provide guests with a convenient end-to-end order-ahead experience. The solution included contactless payment, convenient pick-up scheduling, and multiple delivery models.

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